Lead Free Solutions

Lead Free Solutions

Everyone has questions regarding pending deadlines for compliance with the European Union’s new RoHS lead-free directive. Fortunately, AMTECH has all the answers, including a complete line of environmentally friendly lead-free solder products. AMTECH offers:

Solder Paste, Solder Powder, Core Wire, Solder Spheres, Solder Preforms and NOVOC Liquid Flux

AMTECH lead-free solder pastes are made from world class AMT Unisphere powder for enhanced solderability, which contains <200 ppm of lead, guaranteed. AMTECH is your innovative source for SynTECH-LF, a unique lead-free, no-clean solder paste formula made with proprietary synthetic poly-adduct components. For sensible answers to all your lead-free questions, call the experts at AMTECH. It’s that easy.

Solder Paste
No clean: SynTECH-LF, LF-4300, NC-560-LF
Water soluble: NWS-4200-LF, LF-4300

Liquid Flux
Superior #4300-2%
Superior #4300-4%
Superior 315-LF
No. 420-S/F LF

Core Wire
LF-4300 Wire
NC-61 Pb-free no clean wire
WS-231 Pb-free water soluble wire
Pb-free RMA wire

Custom lead-free products
Solder spheres
Solder performs